Frederick Ferrer

Ministry Partnership Development

Hello! My Name is Frederick Ferrer and I am a Campus Missionary and Youth Coordinator of Every Nation Sydney City Church. It was on my fourth year of college when I came to know Jesus and my life was completely changed. The Gospel changed my life and the lives around me especially my family.

Therefore, I believe in the mission and purpose of reaching out the youth. We will fulfil the Great Commission and impact the future generations through investing in the next generation, to make  disciples, and empower them in LIFE (Leadership , Integrity, Faith and Excellence).

The power of the Gospel will save students from the depression, anxiety, brokenness, and concerns of this world; nevertheless, they must hear it to experience freedom in Christ Jesus!

Our strategy is to: engage students with the gospel; establish them in faith and community; equip them for ministry; and empower them to minister the gospel and make disciples. They may be a student now, but they will be the future leaders of our society.

My vision is for every young people is to discover their identity in Christ and be released locally and globally for His purpose. This is a great task, and with God it is not impossible. Together we can make an impact — one youth, one campus, one nation at a time!

Thank you for partnering me in this mission.

 Frederick Ferrer

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